Wednesday, June 12, 2013

One year wiser

If you can't tell by the glow coming from the cake, I celebrated another birthday. Downside to adding another year--more candles. Getting them all on the first go so I'm not adding 7-years-of-bad-luck is now more of a challenge-but thankfully I got them all. :)

In the middle of all the birthday celebrations, I kept being asked what the highlight from the last year was. Each time I had to think about it. It wasn't that their weren't great moments, rather it was a super hard year and those moments kind of overshadowed all that was good in the year.

While I'm hoping that this year will be less terrible, even if it isn't, I don't want to reach another birthday and feel the way I did this year. I want to be happy with--and celebrate--all that is good in my life. Because, I truly have so much to celebrate.

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Michelle said...

Happy Birthday Amy. I sure admire you!