Wednesday, July 30, 2014

This weeks wishlist

Saw some lovely things this week. Oh, to be rich! :)

1. Chebran shoes
2. Boden Flowershow Dress 
3. Michael Kors Hamilton Bag
4. Albion Poppy Swimsuit
5. Fine Grain tablet stand

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Now that I'm a year older

Now that I'm an another year older, and, of course, wiser too, I thought I'd give some of the things I've learned this last year. Especially, when it comes to finding your own happiness.

Be content with where you are.
No matter your stage of life all of us want something more. I want a house, husband, and kids. Instead I've got roommates, an 8x10 room, and 90% of my stuff in that room. I've been squirreling away stuff for the future--china, pots and pans, bedding, knickknacks. All good stuff to have one day, not necessarily good to have today. So I downsized from a queen to a twin and got rid of some of those "someday" stuff and it's been liberating.

Find fulfillment in your job. 
Being single, a lot of my identity comes from my job. And trust me, if you hate your job that spills over into the rest of your life. One of the best things I did for myself last year was to find a job that I love and that brings me joy and happiness. So, if you're struggling in your life take a good look at your job and, if needed, make some changes.

Be realistic in expectations.
I still want the fairytale ending to my life.  That fairytale ending may still have him riding in on a white horse, he's probably going to pulling a cart full of hurts and fears. And if I'm honest, I probably do too.

Don't give deadlines for when things will happen.
Each year I've put start dating someone/and or get married on my yearly to-do list and each year I feel like a failure when I didn't get that one "goal" even though I crossed everything off of my list. Getting married isn't on the list this year. Surpringly removing it from the list has meant one of my better dating years so far.

Have one or two outfits where you feel beautiful in.
It's so much easier to face family parties and dates feeling beautiful.

Find what works for you when it comes to being social.
Just because something worked for others didn't mean that it worked for me. I don't like large parties, but I have friends who thrive on them. Others won't do online stuff, but it's worked for me.

Cultivate and maintain great friendships.
I have some of the most incredible friends in the whole entire world. No, I'm serious. I won the friendship lottery.  They make me laugh and they heal my soul and I need them in my life.

Plan for the future.
While I'd love to think that I'll end up with a husband to take care of me, I'm also aware that I may end up having to take care of myself. I've moved from having a job to having a career. Things like 501Ks and health insurance are important to me. Not only do I have my yearly goals, I've now got a 5 and a 10 year plan (and am working on the 20).  Plus, there are still a lot of things I need to learn to be a better person 5, 10, 20 years from now single or married.

Take time for yourself. 
Get pedicures, splurge on expensive make-up, exercise, turn down social obligations, stay in for the weekend.

Make service a priority.
I get more out of my service at the Church History museum then I probably give. The thought of it all being over in October makes me sadder than I want to let on.

Give people the benefit of the doubt.
I'm trying to remember that every time someone who is married says, "You're so lucky to be single," "Enjoy it while you can," "I live vicariously through you," "She doesn't want to be in her 30's having kids," they don't mean to be hurtful in their comments.  Which, as my family can attest, I'm ubersensitive to comments about being single, but I'm learning how not to be.

Create a bucket list. Cross things off that bucket list.
I'm in love with bucket lists. I love trying things I wouldn't have been able to do otherwise. It's added depth to my life.

Try new things.
Be brave and adventurous. And that spirit is kind of attractive.

Put yourself out there.
Trust me. It's not easy. I've put myself out there in the last two months that I've probably done my whole entire life. It hasn't been easy. It's been a lot of work, but it's also been worth it.

Don't be afraid to make, and admit, mistakes.
I'd much rather give something my all and make a mistake then hold back a piece of me worry about "what if." Admitting that I'm wrong is whole different ball game. When I'm hurt it's almost impossible for me to admit that. It's liberating when I do.

Realize that you're tons more than your relationship status.
Some of the most incredible people are know are single. They serve, they have fulfilling jobs, they cultivate habits, they are spiritual, they are kind and generous and loyal. The label that gets put on them most often is "single" which is one, albeit important, aspect of who they are, in itself gives an incomplete picture of who they really are.


If you can change it, don't complain.
I've spent a lot of time over the last years bemoaning the fact that I'm single and guys aren't asking me out. There were a lot of things I could have done to change that situation, but I refused/didn't want to to do them. But if I'm not able to give it my all, I really can't complain when things don't turn out how I want.

Give it your all!
My biggest enemy is myself. I hold myself back all the time for fear of being hurt, rejected, disappointed.

Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Admitting I'm wrong

One of the things that makes dating bearable on occasion is being able to find the humor in situations. 

Earlier this week, I posted what I saw as a sweet, but humerous and slightly awkward, experience. I found it funny and relatable because I related to it because I know I've been the awkward one on dates. I've tripped, tried too hard, and miss read signs that have turned situations slightly uncomfortable.  I just wrote a few days about how dating turns the best if us into blubbering idiots. 

Unfortunately that didn't come across and some read it as me making fun of the situation. 

I'm so grateful for the guys that have taken the chance to get to know me. Dating isn't easy and I don't ever want to downplay their efforts. So this is my poor attempt of saying thank you for looking past me being an idiot in this game we call dating. 

Monday, June 02, 2014


I just finished my fourth date in as many days. Two were pretty good. Two were pretty painful. As I analyzed what the difference between the good and the bad, it all came down to one simple thing. Conversation. The good dates I came away feeling that I actually knew something about the guys. And more than just the superficial stuff you learn about someone when you meet them. 

Dating/friendships/family all require work. It's so much easier to invest when we know the person and you can't know the person without spending time with them. And you want to know something. I have some of the most incredible people in my life who have allowed me to see who they are, and who have in turn, have peered into my soul and smoothed the hurts. And that's a huge blessing. 

Sunday, June 01, 2014

Starting Over

I was going through my hope chest last week and pulled out my old journals. These 21 journal are about half of the daily journals I kept between the age of 14 and about 29. During those years, writing in my journal was such a part of my routine that I couldn't sleep if I hadn't done it. Then one day I stopped. I stopped because writing in my journal was no longer that moment where I could record my happenings or what I had learned, rather it had become a place where I vented my "why me." Instead of helping ease my frustration and fears, it was making them worse so I had to walk away.  As I've slowly pulled myself out of my dark place, I've wanted to begin again. But it's been hard to start over and rebuild that habit (definitely a life analogy there that I'm too tired to expand on at the moment).

I've decided to start again here. (Plus the whole accountability thing hopefully is going to help). For the next 30 days (#myJunelife) I'm going to be writing about my happenings--my hopes, fears, frustrations, adventures, triumphs, and disappointments and hopefully by the end I'll have reformed the daily journal writing habit.

Friday, May 30, 2014

Open Tabs

I can't believe that it's Friday already. Where did the time go? It probably has something to do with the fact that Monday was holiday, hip hip hooray, and the rest of the week has been spent preparing for an adventure to Miami. 90% of you have just started singing in your head, Welcome to Miami. Buenvenidos a Miami, and yes, you're welcome for getting that classic 90's song stuck in your head for the rest of the day.

These darling little people arrived for the summer. Happy, happy day. At least for the next couple months I'll be able to get my fill of all my nieces and nephews before they disappear again to the dark corners of the earth. :(

Now that you've gotten your cuteness fill, here's what caught my eye this week.

It's graduation time. Yah, for reaching that milestone and welcome to the real world. Which if nobody's told you by now, it's not as glamorous as you think it's going to be. Granted it's got some benefits. It's also got responsibility, drudgery, and real-life stuff.  Which is why I LOVED this graduation speech by Naval Admiral William H. McRaven at University of Texas. Seriously, you need to read it. It was honest about what graduates will face while reminding them so much of what happens in life is how they deal with disappointments.

Remember my last post about my dating monsoon? Well, this infographic gives a visual representation to what a dating adventure kind of looks like. It also makes me want to chart my own dating journey. Maybe I just will.

While I'll always love Provo, hopefully one day I'll find my way back, Salt Lake has become home. Which coming from a Utah country girl who thought everything past the point of the mountain was of the devil, it's saying something. I'm not the only one who has fallen in love with Salt Lake, Ty Burrell wrote a pretty great love letter to the city.

I have a fascination with maps and information and have collected my fair share of random information over the years. You'll not be disappointed with these 26 maps filled with useless information. I personally think #19 is pretty awesome.

And of course we've all seen the Vocal Point take on Newsies. Which not only was great, but fostered a need to watch the original. Still as awesome as it was when it came out 22 years ago. Yes, 22 years!

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Lessons from a Dating Monsoon

You know those summer storms that roll in from nowhere and rain bucket-loads. That's what my dating life has looked like lately. I may have had a stretch of 10 dates in 16 days. Some good, some bad, and some downright painful. Now it's trickled down to the much more manageable number of one or two a week and will probably dry up as suddenly as it all started.

But that doesn't mean I haven't learned a thing or two during the downpour.

Dating is a numbers game. You're going to be interested in x number of guys. Of that number, a small percent are going to have interest in you and even smaller number are going to ask you out. The more dates you want, the higher your initial pool is going to have to be. 

You're going to have to be ok with rejection. Remember that numbers game.

Dating takes a lot of work. Not only on the dates (which can be exhausting to be "on show" constantly and remember what you've talked about with whom), but also in the ground work to get someone to ask you out. I now understand why I've known guys to keep spreadsheets on their dates and what was discussed. Lets just say I've been tempted to do the same. 

And you're going to meet some really good guys that give you hope. 

Dating is a talent. And to get good at dating you have to go on dates. 

Sometimes you're going to do a happy dance when a boy calls all while remaining incredibly calm while you talk to him.

Tinder can be summed up like this. People you've met in real life who weren't interested in getting to know you then now are.

You can tell a lot about someone by the pictures they post. I honestly don't get the obsession with gym workout pics or pictures in the bathroom mirror sans shirt. 

Every profile come with a skiing/rock climbing/waterskiing/marathon pic and all of the sudden you feel like you need to take up said hobbies if you're to have a chance. 

It's going to happen. Your date knows you had plans the night before so asks about them. You're now torn between telling them you had a date or and saying you were at dinner with a friend. Saying you were at dinner with friends usually wins out. 

If you mention that you like Mexican you're going to end up at a Mexican restaurant for EVERY SINGLE MEAL. Ok, not every single meal, just 90% of them.

Plus side of a dating monsoon.  You don't have to go grocery shopping for two weeks.

Because you were a 98% match you kind expect it to be perfect and are more disappointed when it isn't. Which also means that  you're less likely to put the effort in on something that's good but not perfect. 

Sometimes you're going to sound like a COMPLETE IDIOT. Especially when you're trying to impress someone. 

You're going to end up analyzing EVERY single thing you said--especially if you sounded like an idiot. 

You understand when the don't want a second date when you didn't seem to mesh on the first date. You're completely at a loss when the date was good and they say they're going to call and they don't. 

Then you start thinking Katy Perry is kinda smart when she said "'Cause you're hot then you're cold. You're yes then you're no. You're in then you're out. You're up then you're down." 

Sometimes they're going to surprise you. 

Expressing interest is the kiss of death. No, seriously it is. Times when it's ok to express your interest--after you're married. Until then be careful. :)

In the other hand, the less interest you show the more they are going to show. 

Sometimes you're going to have to fight for what you want. And sometimes it still doesn't turn out how you want.

Lastly, you like boy. Boy doesn't like you. You cry. And maybe you cry some more. 

Then you go on another date.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Open Tabs: Video Edition

Last night my family and I were sharing some of our favorite YouTube videos--some new, some old--with my grandma and figured I'd share the video love on Open Tab Friday.

You may have already seen Ryan Hamilton on Connan floating around Facebook (because we Mormons like to promote our own), but for those of you that haven't yet you're in for a treat. His bit on being single was particularly funny.

Who knew the song Cups and tap dancing was the bee's knees?

One of my all time favorite YouTube videos. If you're needing a pick me up, this is it. It may be in Welsh, the lyrics are some of the prettiest I've ever heard.

I really, really hope that I live my whole life with as much enthusiasm as Ria and let nothing scare me.

Happy Friday!

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Open Tabs

No open tabs last week as I needed to update software and unfortunately that updating meant that all my history was reset. Awesome.

Here's what I enjoyed this week.
33 Painfully True Facts about Everyday Life. You guys, check this out. I laughed so hard at them.

Navy Baseball does Frozen

Collabora sings Stars

And these ridiculously beautify quotes from Lisa Congdon

And this beautiful child's room.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Open Tabs

You guys, spring is here!!! Which I can't be more happy about. It's the only thing that made yesterdays run and the 3 blisters kind of worth it.

I'm sure you're all dying to know what caught my eye this week and warranted an open tab.

There's something about spring that makes we want to purchase a whole new wardrobe full of bright colors and beautiful prints while channeling my inner "Hampton."  This girl on Classy Girls Wear Pearls does all of that beautifully. But be warned you'll be equall parts in love and totally envious.

With a new nephew, babies are on the brain which may explain why I've spent a little too much time at My Sweet Muffin looking at the most charming baby stuff.  Actually, if I was to be honest, there are more than a few things I want for myself.

Tell The World by Eric Hutchinson is my new favorite song. But, you'll probably also want to check out these 50 Songs to Make You Happy.

We all have our bucket lists, but how good are we at actually working towards actually getting them done? I know I'm not the best. Which is why this app, FULL, has caught my attention as it tracks not the to-do list, but the bucket list. AWESOME!

I'm looking for artwork for my walls.  I'll be showing you the progress of my room this weekend, and being in a cheap/a DIY mood, I'm loving these ideas and I'm pretty sure at least one or two is going to end up on my wall.

Who want to join me in a favorite things party? Just in case, I ever get this added to the calendar I'm keeping this How to Plan cheat sheet handy.

I'm not as faithful TED watcher as I want/should, but this article on WHY TED TALKS MATTER is making me rethink my ways.

Growing up I kind of wanted to be a spy. Did you know that everyday citizens can become part of the CIA annalists program...I guess making you a pseudo spy. But even more cool, is that these everyday people are actually more accurate in their predictions than most analysts.

30's can be awesome--especially if you want to be an entrepreneur. 

And of course, a list wouldn't be complete without some sort of British reference and this is awesome! A walk through regional accents in the UK.

Happy Friday everyone!

Saturday, April 05, 2014

Open tabs

My computer is kind of overrun with tabs and opened windows and the sheer volume is kind of ridiculous. Right now, I probably have 60 tabs open. Every time I come across a great article/funny video/or a beautiful picture, I keep the tab open until I figure out where to put it.

After reading a number of blogs that do a weekly round-up of their favorite things, it finally dawned on me that maybe that would be the perfect place for all my open tabs to go. :)

Over the last couple of years, I've started to see my taste move more towards the modern when it comes to design. So it's no surprise I've fallen in love with La petite fabriqu de reves. I swear every single thing they post on this site, I want.

RECITE THIS is a site that allows you to type in a saying and it creates a design for you. It's limited in what you can do, but it's great for when you don't have the time to design something from scratch.

I've been looking for the perfect rug for my new place and just haven't found what I want yet.
Though, I did really like this DIY drop cloth rug tutorial, so maybe I'll just have to create exactly what I want.

I'm really tempted to buy this beautiful quote from The Every Girl for my wall.

The beautiful free printables on this Love Vs. Design.

Summer's calling  and I'm pretty sure these TOMS sandals have my name written all over them.

Monday, March 10, 2014


I'm moving into a new place which means some changes. Biggest change that the new bedroom isn't going to be yellow. What? I know. Kind of shocking. But change is good, right? The new color scheme is a mixture of pinks and peaches and it just felt like some matching artwork was in order. I came up with some things over the weekend and thought I'd share the love with free downloadable print files.Yeah! Who doesn't love freebies!! I'll probably been adding more over the next few days, so keep checking back.

Who doesn't love Audrey Hepburn? And who doesn't want to be reminded every day that we're prettier when we're happy.

Happy girls are the prettiest. Audrey Hepburn

It can be discouraging anyway to be single, but it becomes doubly discouraging when you feel this pressure to become someone else. And trust me I've heard it before...if you do A,B,C, you'll find someone. While I know that everyone has areas of which they need to improve, it sometimes comes as the cost of remembering how unique everyone is and how that is a good thing.

Download Be You Here

Honestly this is one of my favorite quotes of ALL TIME. Beyond thinking that Winston Churchill is the man, in a few short words he is able to sum up what you kind of  what is required for a life you want.  I have nothing to offer by blood, toil, tears, and sweat. Winston Churchill

 Download Blood, Toil, Tears, and Sweat Here

One of my new years goals is to take chances. To take chances on people/situations/and adventures.

Download Take Chances Here

Thursday, January 02, 2014


While I'm looking forward to 2014, 2103 was a pretty good year. Here's a look at the top 13 moments (ok, maybe a few more than 13).