Friday, April 11, 2014

Open Tabs

You guys, spring is here!!! Which I can't be more happy about. It's the only thing that made yesterdays run and the 3 blisters kind of worth it.

I'm sure you're all dying to know what caught my eye this week and warranted an open tab.

There's something about spring that makes we want to purchase a whole new wardrobe full of bright colors and beautiful prints while channeling my inner "Hampton."  This girl on Classy Girls Wear Pearls does all of that beautifully. But be warned you'll be equall parts in love and totally envious.

With a new nephew, babies are on the brain which may explain why I've spent a little too much time at My Sweet Muffin looking at the most charming baby stuff.  Actually, if I was to be honest, there are more than a few things I want for myself.

Tell The World by Eric Hutchinson is my new favorite song. But, you'll probably also want to check out these 50 Songs to Make You Happy.

We all have our bucket lists, but how good are we at actually working towards actually getting them done? I know I'm not the best. Which is why this app, FULL, has caught my attention as it tracks not the to-do list, but the bucket list. AWESOME!

I'm looking for artwork for my walls.  I'll be showing you the progress of my room this weekend, and being in a cheap/a DIY mood, I'm loving these ideas and I'm pretty sure at least one or two is going to end up on my wall.

Who want to join me in a favorite things party? Just in case, I ever get this added to the calendar I'm keeping this How to Plan cheat sheet handy.

I'm not as faithful TED watcher as I want/should, but this article on WHY TED TALKS MATTER is making me rethink my ways.

Growing up I kind of wanted to be a spy. Did you know that everyday citizens can become part of the CIA annalists program...I guess making you a pseudo spy. But even more cool, is that these everyday people are actually more accurate in their predictions than most analysts.

30's can be awesome--especially if you want to be an entrepreneur. 

And of course, a list wouldn't be complete without some sort of British reference and this is awesome! A walk through regional accents in the UK.

Happy Friday everyone!

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