Friday, May 16, 2014

Open Tabs: Video Edition

Last night my family and I were sharing some of our favorite YouTube videos--some new, some old--with my grandma and figured I'd share the video love on Open Tab Friday.

You may have already seen Ryan Hamilton on Connan floating around Facebook (because we Mormons like to promote our own), but for those of you that haven't yet you're in for a treat. His bit on being single was particularly funny.

Who knew the song Cups and tap dancing was the bee's knees?

One of my all time favorite YouTube videos. If you're needing a pick me up, this is it. It may be in Welsh, the lyrics are some of the prettiest I've ever heard.

I really, really hope that I live my whole life with as much enthusiasm as Ria and let nothing scare me.

Happy Friday!

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Lauren @ Lot Forty Eight said...

that comedian was HILARIOUS!! he's mormon. i must know everything about him now.