Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Admitting I'm wrong

One of the things that makes dating bearable on occasion is being able to find the humor in situations. 

Earlier this week, I posted what I saw as a sweet, but humerous and slightly awkward, experience. I found it funny and relatable because I related to it because I know I've been the awkward one on dates. I've tripped, tried too hard, and miss read signs that have turned situations slightly uncomfortable.  I just wrote a few days about how dating turns the best if us into blubbering idiots. 

Unfortunately that didn't come across and some read it as me making fun of the situation. 

I'm so grateful for the guys that have taken the chance to get to know me. Dating isn't easy and I don't ever want to downplay their efforts. So this is my poor attempt of saying thank you for looking past me being an idiot in this game we call dating. 

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jamesandlindsaylattin said...

Amy, I for one have really enjoyed all your commentary on dating. It is a topic less spoken of and it is refreshing to read your perspective.