Sunday, June 01, 2014

Starting Over

I was going through my hope chest last week and pulled out my old journals. These 21 journal are about half of the daily journals I kept between the age of 14 and about 29. During those years, writing in my journal was such a part of my routine that I couldn't sleep if I hadn't done it. Then one day I stopped. I stopped because writing in my journal was no longer that moment where I could record my happenings or what I had learned, rather it had become a place where I vented my "why me." Instead of helping ease my frustration and fears, it was making them worse so I had to walk away.  As I've slowly pulled myself out of my dark place, I've wanted to begin again. But it's been hard to start over and rebuild that habit (definitely a life analogy there that I'm too tired to expand on at the moment).

I've decided to start again here. (Plus the whole accountability thing hopefully is going to help). For the next 30 days (#myJunelife) I'm going to be writing about my happenings--my hopes, fears, frustrations, adventures, triumphs, and disappointments and hopefully by the end I'll have reformed the daily journal writing habit.


Megan said...

Holy cow! That is impressive! I am super sporadic with my journals. There are times where I REALLY wish I would have done a better job. Hopefully in the eternities some of those sweet moments will be brought to remembrance again? But maybe not if I haven't written them down! AHH!!

Good luck with your journaling! Also, your dating experiences make me laugh. My sister is getting back in the dating game. We laugh over some of the things she encounters. It's either laugh or cry, right?

jamesandlindsaylattin said...

Thanks for the good reminder. I think journaling really does help me sort prioritize, and view my life with a greater purpose. I love reading your blog. What a good woman you are!