Monday, February 02, 2015

January roundup

Things that have absolutely rocked about January

Warm weather. I know I shouldn't be grateful for 50 degree days because of water needs, but I have loved not having to scrap my car.

Plays. A play a month does a heart good. Yeah for season tickets!
Jane and I at Barefoot in the Park

Spending time with this guy.  Not only does he take me to the Opera (brownie points), he humors me by trampling through cold weather and dealing with traffic so I can cross things off my winter bucket list. :)

The Pearl Fishers Opera
Freestyle Skiing World Cup at Deer Valley
Midway Ice Castles
Painting class. After years of doing art for work, it's fun to recapture the love of art for myself. Plus, I'm digging oils. And these are a work in progress, the top is going be beach scene and the one below is going to be a night landscape.

These shoes. They are gold and sparkly. What more do I need?

Call the Midwife. Seriously brilliant! It's heart warming and funny while tackling some very serious issues.

Style/Blank Spaces. This song has been in my head all month, but I'm not complaining as I love it.

Things that have not rocked about January

These little ones left. :(

 And I didn't get to see these ones at all. 

Someone left me this.

And I'm pretty sure January's warm weather is going to come back a bite me in March.

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