Wednesday, March 25, 2015

February Roundup

February (and now most of March) flew by. Here are some of the things that rocked about February

Sister Orton is HOME!!!!!!!
And boy am I glad!

Having a Valentine's rocks!
Matt did a great job--flowers, dinner, opera--and I think I'll keep him around for a long time.

New digs at work and THIS chair
New office + window + new chair =happiness! The whole office was designed around my newest furniture purchase because this chair is a beauty!

Sorry for the inside mouth shot, but I think it's kind of cool that unless you looked in the inside of my mouth you'd never know I've got them.

Game night in honor of Grammy
It only seemed fitting to honor Grammy's life by playing a couple of rounds of one of her favorite games-Golf. I'm grateful for the memories of nights spent playing games and for the influence of an incredible woman.

Finished Projects
I was pretty happy with my three paintings from my painting class--especially the night sky.

Being able to honor an incredible lady. 
It was a blessing to gather as a family to honor an incredible women in the way she would have wanted it--as a celebration of faith and family.

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