Sunday, May 24, 2015

April Round-Up

Can something be lovely and hard at the same time? Well, April was just that. There were some great moments--lots of them in fact. As well as it seeming to be the longest month known to mankind on account of an incredibly busy/stressed boyfriend that I never saw. Ok. Never is an exaggeration. It just felt like that.

On the plus side, I was quite productive with all those extra hours. Those clothes that needed to be mended: check. Files on my desktop organized: check. Extra hours at work: check. Hours spent picking out the perfect fabric for my summer chair redo project: check.

We celebrated two birthdays this month and they were the perfect combination of food and lots of laughter!

Nothing says happy birthday like Mexican food.
This is what happens when we get together

Mom's birthday gang!
Make a wish!
Girls Night in the Orton household consists of plays. 

Les Mis at the Orem Hale

I make stuffed animals for each of my nieces and nephews. It's turned into quiet the undertaking, but I love creating these perfectly imperfect animals.

Every once in awhile it's important to play hookey and seeing The Sound of Music on the big screen was pretty spectacular. I've seen this movie hundreds of times, but, seeing it on the big screen was almost like seeing it for the first time as I picked up new things I'd never seen before.

Favorite Easter tradition is our annual Easter Egg hunt and this year's Easter Egg hunt was epic--lots of running and a car ride or two.
Where's our clue?
Let the hunt begin!

Many hours were spent finding the perfect fabric to redo this chair and I finally found it. A tan/gray/cream linen mix. It's beautiful and even better, it matches the chair perfectly. I've never done something like this, but it's going to be great to tackle this project.

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