Wednesday, November 04, 2015

October Round-Up

Such a glorious October.

Sometimes I love pulling out the girlfriend card. Especially when it involves matching outfits and us getting all dapper. And you can't deny that we don't look very dapper. Now, I won't talk about the fact that Matt is wearing his high school choir outfit...

It was the most glorious football weather and I spent it watching BYU play below their ability, come Cougs you're better than that, and Bryce leading Provo High to an undefeated season. Go Bryce Go!

I've loved having play tickets and getting the chance to escape once a month.

This general conference was a reminder that time indeed marches onward. In high school I learned the order of the 12 apostles and the first presidency. Of those original 15, only 6 remain.

I was especially touched by Meeting the Challenges of Today's World (Elder Hales)Yielding Our Hearts to God (Sister Marriott), Behold Thy Mother (Elder Holland, Turn to Him and Answers Will Come (Elder Martino)

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