Monday, July 13, 2015

Land That I Love

I love the Fourth and there is always a part of me that's sad when that last firework has been lit. This year was no different because I had the BEST FOURTH. Even if it didn't include enough patriotic music--come on radio why'd you have to fail me?

There wasn't one moment of the weekend that wasn't great. Ok, maybe fighting traffic to see the Candy Bomber wasn't a highlight. But, standing with THOUSANDS of others celebrating the goodness of people and freedom was!  

I get asked all the time why the Fourth is my favorite holiday.  I try to convince them that it should be their favorite too because: FIREWORKS!!, parades, BBQ's, courage and conviction, music that stirs your soul, that spirit of '76 that makes it ok to wear red, white, and blue themed outfits for days, not having to buy presents, and, of course, the absolutely beautiful weather. Go summer nights! They may just be the best part of summer. The fact that I can indulge my inner night owl by sitting on a porch watching fireworks or enjoying a nighttime fire makes this girl very, very happy. This year everything was made better by the fact that I could celebrate all of those with this guy.

And celebrate we did. BBQ's, Bowling, and Fireworks.

Isn't throwing a party together on some sort of relationship checklist? If so, we passed with flying colors. M thought I was joking when I said we needed decorations until I showed up with my box and proceeded to deck out his backyard. It sure did look festive--sometimes I think I missed my calling in life.

A small glimpse of the BBQ.
No to toot my own horn, but I rocked bowling! I believe it because of my pre-and-post bowl dance. My family thinks it's down to luck because I am the funniest bowler (don't worry, I know it). Rocking two games can't be just luck though. :) Can't say the same for M in our last game. He almost didn't take a picture with me because he didn't want his low score noted for posterity. And here I am doing just that. My blog, my rules. He can take comfort in the fact that I don't actually remember how low his score was.

I love sitting around around laughing with some of my favorite people of all time while eating really good food. The very definition of the Sainsbury BBQ. Sainsbury gathering can be an overwhelming event as a small one easily has 50 people. No surprise I'm always am a little apprehensive when I bring people. M was a trooper in the whole "being thrown into the family madness." 

Just in case you were in doubt, I love fireworks! Give me a chair and a blanket and I could watch them for hours.  New spot this year meant firework jackpot as we could see everything from North Salt Lake to Lehi! Added bonus: rain.

And, just because I'm not obsessed enough, I got my craft on by turning a dress I purchased last year (specifically as my Fourth outfit) into a skirt AND staying up way to late making themed cookies.

Tuesday, July 07, 2015

June Round-Up

Hello June! Thanks for being a good month!

Nothing says, "Happy Birthday" like trying to attack your family in laser tag. 

It may be blurry, but I LOVE the happiness in this celebration.

This guy is doing an internship with NASA this summer (smarty pants). Our drive to Houston took us first to Cedar City for a job instill and THEN to Houston in the space of 2 1/2 days. Translation. A lot of driving in a short amount of time. That part wasn't so fun. Getting to spend loads of time with him though made it all worth while.

These guys drove an hour to spend the day at the space center with me and we had so. much. fun. Everything is always better when kids are involved.

I don't really like birthday's and the reminder that I'm getting older. But, every birthday should be celebrated by sleeping in, reading at the pool, watching TV, manicures, birthday calls. Top it off with a great birthday dinner.

Lots and lots of plays. Big Fish, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, Mary Poppins, Princess Academy
Mary Poppins

Big Fish

Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

Princess Academy
When these guys move only 5 hours away instead of 9, it's road trip time. So much fun hangin' out with them, and hearing "mamy" all day melted my heart (and the crazy heated melted the rest of me).