Monday, January 11, 2016

Friday 5

One of my 2016 goals is to get back into blogging. Which is going to take some work as sometimes having to write seems so daunting. Yet, it's the only journal of my life at the moment and I want to remember the things I did/thought so here I go. Starting with my first Friday 5. 

1. I finally put away my suitcases from holiday travels. Now, I know there are some people who just have to put away those suitcases as soon as they are home. I am not one of them. Putting away the suitcase signals the end of vacation and that's the last thing I want. Especially as I had some great travels this holiday. Can someone say Disneyland for Christmas!!! More about that trip coming up. There does come a point though, no matter how great that trip was, having a suitcase in the middle of one's room poses a problem. So away it has to go.

2. I've survived one week in glasses. Now if I can just survive three more weeks.... I'm not a glasses wearer. 99% of the time I hate them. I never feel I can see quite as clearly when I'm wearing them. Dang astigmatism. If in 3 more weeks, they say I'm a candidate for Lasik all of it will be worth it.

3. I took a ride on a Greyhound Bus. Do to some scheduling, I found myself on a Greyhound to the middle Wyoming. 90% of what you hear about the Greyhound is true. It has the most interesting people, but, it also had some very kind people who were generous to those who were less fortunate than themselves even though they didn't have much. People who looked out for me and worried about me being dropped in the middle of Wyoming and being killed by an ax murder. People who were starting on new adventures and knew how lucky they were for the opportunities. It also showed me how good I had it. I am not fighting with mental illness or addiction. I have not been dealt a hand that is hard to overcome. I have security and opportunities and a pretty darn good life.

4. I've gone 2 weeks without Facebook on my phone and I can't say I miss it. I deleted the app for Disneyland because I wanted to be present in line and make memories with my family. Instead of being on our phones we played games, we laughed, and we talked.

5. I bought a new London bag because the first week of January always makes me a little homesick. It was 13 years ago that I began one of the best adventures of my life. Of which, you can read a little bit more here.

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