Friday, January 29, 2016

Friday 5

1. Ever since Matt and I have started dating, his Master's Thesis has been a major part of our relationship. Not anymore. He defended his Thesis on Monday--and he passed! Happy dance all around! I've never been more proud of him than watching all those pieces he's spent the last year working on come together into something mighty impressive. Bonus: even though his topic was dealing with radiation stimulation for the Apollo Missions, I understood 95% of what he was talking about. 

2. Sunday dinners with the family. Sunday dinners are not the most demure affairs. There's a lot of laughter, jokes, and crazy stories that get passed around the dinner table.

3. Heat and hot water. Over the last two weeks, our heater and hot water has been out of commission. It was only for a few hours each time, but, still in the middle of winter a cold shower or a cold bedroom is far from fun. I know there are many people who do not have these two basics which makes me all the more thankful that I do.

4. Instagram purges. I have a hard time purging friends on Facebook, but Instagram is whole another story. I have no problem purging people who I no longer find what they post interesting. People who feel like they must post every single moment of every single day. Or my personal pet peeve, when they're overly pushy about selling me some type of product. If you fall into any of those categories, bye bye.

5. I am thankful for the peace I can find at the temple. Things may be swirling around inside, but the temple is the one place I can find clarity and understanding.

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